Ancient Greek language program:

Stage One:

Learning is primarily through listening and speaking, with the help of teaching materials developed by Prof. Christophe Rico (Polis Institute, Jerusalem, Israel).

Stage Two:

In addition to continuing with speech-oriented learning, we start reading the first volume of the Athenaze textbook, more specifically a collated version of the English and Italian editions. (No knowledge of Italian is required to use the textbook.) You can check out the first chapter of the Reader I compiled from the two versions of the Athenaze textbook here.

Stage Three:

With speech-centered learning largely completed, we begin reading the second volume of Athenaze. By the end of this stage, the student will have reached an intermediate level of Ancient Greek.

Stage Four:

After completing the second volume of Athenaze, we start reading original texts, and may continue in three different directions:

α) We begin to read the Iliad, and delve into the Homeric dialect.

β) We start reading Classical Greek prose authors with supporting materials, and delve into the Attic dialect (Xenophon, Plato, etc.).

γ) We begin to read Hellenistic-Caesarean texts, and delve into the Koine dialect (Septuagint, New Testament, etc.).

For general information on learning Ancient Greek, please click here.

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