Hi. My name is Tom Lerner. I live in Budapest, Hungary, and I teach English and Ancient Greek online. I have been teaching Ancient Greek for 11 years.

I use the following books in teaching Ancient Greek:

At the beginner level, my approach to teaching is speaking-centered. This means that my students primarily learn the basics of Ancient Greek by listening and speaking—as if they were learning a modern language. Of course, they are also learning to read from the very beginning, but the emphasis is on actively using the language. This method not only allows for faster language acquisition, but also ensures a significantly deeper understanding of the language as compared to that afforded by the traditional grammar translation method.

Beyond the elementary level, learning becomes more reading-centered. My students read a lot of text, using the best materials currently available, texts that are always, more or less, at their own level, with only the minimal necessary grammatical explanations. The aim is still to actively use the language so that my students would be able to directly understand the Greek they are reading, "through their ears," so to speak, rather than by relying on grammatical analysis.

You can find detailed information about my language program here. If you are at present already learning Greek in some form, and just need some extra tutoring, the content of our lessons will be entirely tailored to your needs.

My hourly rate for a private lesson is $33, and our first lesson is free of charge. For more information, please call or email me:

+1-413-362-7561 (US)

+36-20-610-8355 (Hungary)


(You can call me on my US number, or if you prefer to call via Facetime, please use the Hungarian one.)

Read my résumé here.